BIA exercises are simple postures and movements which provide tangible results. The effectiveness is due to the activation of subtle current pathways and fields in the body. BIA exercises target meridians and acupressure points to achieve amazing results with seemingly modest effort. These are easy exercises for enhancing, balancing and facilitating the natural energy flow inside the body. 

The focus here is on the flow more than on the stretching of muscles. A body with a free flow of bio-energy is a healthy body.

The exercises have many sources, and they represent a synthesis of understanding and practice from modern and ancient times.

One of the most important things about these exercises is to fill and be aware of the different sensations in our body. It is through our body experience that we can learn how our body communicates with us and make the appropriate lifestyle decisions. Continuous practice is essential to receive the benefits of these exercises.

The exercises integrate self-massaging acupressure points, simple Yoga postures, tapping, and meditation.


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