Seasonal Nutri

Sync your cells with the rhythm of the season

Specific Nutris for each season revitalizes, at any age, the body’s resources. It offers an excellent way to keep our biorhythms in balance.


Attain Optimal Health

 Season after Season build your health.

Seasonal nutripuncture is a simple method of attuning the dynamics of the vital currents to the rhythm of the season. By nourishing these currents at each change of season, their potential is increased to reach optimal health.

A range of Nutri, numbered from 01 to 38, revitalize the targeted vital currents. Nutri Yin-Nutri Yang, the general cellular nutritional regulator, is associated with specific seasonal Nutri to facilitate cellular communication in the weak sectors.


Why Seasonal Nutripuncture?

Take advantage of seasons to sharpen your five senses.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season specifically stimulates a family of meridians consisting of two primary ones named according to the primary organs they pass through.

Each season is the ideal time for sharpening one of the five senses connected to the family of organs of that specific season.


Heart – Small Intestine

Bet. Seasons-Taste

Pancreas – Stomach


Lung – Large Intestine



Kidney – Urinary Bladder



Liver – Gallbladder