BIA Massage Therapy is a healing modality that involves the application of pressure to specific points of the body. It is based on the theory that bio-energy circulates throughout the body. A balanced flow of bio-energy permits an optimum functioning of the body and is dependent on the harmonious functioning of internal organs. BIA Massage treats the person as a whole, working to restore the body to its own natural harmony. There is always a polarity communication between the different body parts and re-establishing this communication allows the body to recover faster.

During the treatment, the pressure is applied along specific channels in a specific sequence to improve the circulation of bio-energy and enhance the communication between the internal organs and harmonize the functions of the organs.

The combination of acupressure with muscle massage will act on the whole body to facilitate deep relaxation, relieve discomfort and pain, and increase the regenerative capacity of the body by unblocking the flow of bio-energy.

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